LSE&B: Legal Experts in Chapter 11 Business Bankruptcy

Here at Latham, Luna, Eden and Beaudine, LLP Attorneys at Law, we truly understand that financial stress can happen to any business owner. Regardless of services/products rendered and no matter what the company’s overall scope, even the most ardent entrepreneurs can find their organizations somehow planted firmly in the red. Struggling to continue operations, these stressed executives can quickly find their financial woes snowballing beyond their immediate control, leaving speculation to the company’s long term future.


At Latham, Luna, Eden and Beaudine, LLP Attorneys at Law, we offer insight to the many specific nuances of insolvency law, including but not limited to, Chapter 11 so clients can make the right decision for their specific business needs and vision. The Firm’s insolvency and restructuring team has represented businesses in the hospitality, retail, real estate, manufacturing, restaurant, entertainment, time-share, development, and other industries.


What You Should Know About Chapter 11 Bankruptcy


One of the most common misconceptions we find when discussing Chapter 11 bankruptcy with our clients is the ability to continue to operate during the bankruptcy process. All too often, entrepreneurs assume that filing simply means liquidation of all their assets as a means to satisfy their debts with creditors. While liquidation may be a part of the Chapter 11 process in a planned context, more often, Chapter 11 is a vehicle used to preserve the going concern value of the business and ensure operations continue without major interruption. Here at LSE&B, when we partner with a client looking for Chapter 11 bankruptcy information, we work closely with creditors in an attempt to come to a mutual agreement regarding new loan terms.  However, if we are not able to come to such terms voluntarily, we also advise on, and have litigated, non-consensual terms.


At LSE&B we help our clients assist with planning and advising of the many specific legal requirements for reorganizing the business after the filing process has been completed. Successful reorganization often ensures a greater chance of financial success after the bankruptcy process has been complete.


Working With LSE&B To Learn More About Chapter 11 Bankruptcy


If your business is financially struggling, the key to a successful turnaround is to not wait; proactively teaming with LSE&B to learn more about Chapter 11 bankruptcy can make a major difference in how effectively you can manage your creditor obligations while simultaneously safeguarding your business operations for future financial success. When working with LSE&B, we will partner with you closely to maintain a steady focus on your company’s distinctive financial responsibilities and walk you through each phase of the filing process for optimal final results.


Of course, the legal experts at LSE&B don’t only offer expertise on Chapter 11 bankruptcy specifically suited for debtors; we also have extensive experience representing the interests of trustees, assignees, creditors, creditors’ committees, purchasers and other parties in all types of insolvency situations. No matter what type of insolvency situation you are looking at, LSE&B can help you get the answers you need. For more information, visit our website or contact us directly at


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