Dealing with Potential Data Breaches

“You have the folks doing hacking finding new and creative ways to disrupt your business. Recently there have been a series if emails that purport to come from the Florida Bar, saying, “Your Dues are past due. Please click the following link.” And if you click it, you get a virus throughout your whole firm. We’ve had a policy that nobody can download anything from an email we get from outside the firm unless is voice-verified. All viruses now are coming by email that you think you know who it’s from that say click on the following link. And it’s probably not long before someone will find a way to invade where it will supposedly be from a client with a document to review and then it’s a virus. Whoever is doing it is staying abreast of the marketplace and one step ahead of the tech folks. “

Scott Shuker, bankruptcy partner.

Article Courtesy of the Orlando Business Journal