Cameron H.P. White

Real Estate, Corporate, Estate Planning Partner

As an attorney who has been practicing since 2006, I understand how dealing with legal issues can make a lot of people feel a little anxious, especially if they’re not used to it. Let’s face it… If you’re working with an attorney, it’s usually because one or both of two scenarios exist:

  1. The stakes are high. You may be purchasing a home or some other type of real estate, or a business, which means you’re investing a lot of money. Or, you have a large, complex estate and you want to make sure your family is protected.
  2. Something’s gone wrong and needs to be fixed. Maybe you’re being sued and you want strong legal representation on your side. Or, you’re a business owner and a partner or vendor hasn’t lived up to the terms of a contract and you want to be made whole.

As your attorney, I understand fully that handling your legal needs and getting the best possible outcomes is only part of my job. The other part is making sure that the whole experience doesn’t keep you awake at night – that you’re comfortable throughout the process.

That means different things to different people

For someone working with an attorney for the first time, the entire process is probably a mystery, which can be stressful. The best way to ease that stress is to take that mystery out of it by encouraging you to ask as many questions as you like, then making sure you understand what’s going on with your case so there are few surprises.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of experience working with lawyers, which is often true of entrepreneurs and business owners, you probably just want to be kept informed about the important developments in your case. You’re likely to appreciate communication that is accurate, but concise.

Here’s what gets me up in the morning…

I’d say what I enjoy the most about being an attorney is working directly with people – individuals, families, business owners – who find themselves needing legal advice or a solution to a problem. To me, it’s rewarding to be the person that people trust enough to share what they’re going through and what outcomes they want.

And that’s a promise I am happy to make to you. As a valued client of mine, you will always know where you stand, what’s going on, and what you can expect with your case. Keeping you well-informed and comfortable with the process… it’s not only part of my job, it’s the most important part.